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It is true that most of us insure our houses to help recover loss arising from fires, storms and earthquakes, but is it possible to carry insurance against termite infestation? Termites pose a major threat to our furniture. They feed voraciously on wood and are akin to destroy paper products such as book, cardboard, boxes and a whole array of other items. Termites are serious threat to our buildings as they can cause extensive damages. Often the termites attack the building foundations and beams which are made of wood thereby endangering lives of people living therein. If you think that your building is immune to termite infiltration because they are made with steel framing, then think again. Termites in such cases can even target the wooden door and window frames, cabinets and shelving within the buildings. A termite colony is large and well organized. They comprise a queen, king and winged reproductive swarmer, soldiers and workers. Worker termites are the one who are small, creamy and white insects. The comprise most in number and are the major causer behind the termite damage.

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